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Air Permitting

Major & Minor Sources

Air Quality Control Evaluations

Control System Design Specification

Air Quality Impact Analysis

Compliance Assessments

Regulatory Negotiations

Emissions Testing

Instrumental Emissions Testing

  • CO2, O2, CO, SO2, NOx
  • Total Hydrocarbons (VOC)

Manual Emissions Testing

  • EPA Methods
  • ASTM/NCASI Methods
  • NIOSH/OSHA Methods
  • VOST & Semi-VOST
  • Ammonia Testing
  • Multi-Metals Testing
  • TGNMO Testing
  • Air Toxics Testing
  • Visible Emissions Evaluations

Special Emissions Testing

  • Cylinder Gas Audits (CGA)
  • Relative Accuracy Test Audits (RATA)
  • Performance Specification Tests
  • Enhanced Monitoring Assistance
  • Total Enclosure Verification
  • Control Efficiency Determinations
  • Particle Sizing
  • Trial Burn Testing
  • Flare, VRU/VCU Testing

Industrial Hygiene

Personnel Monitoring

OSHA/NIOSH Test Methods

Ventilation Studies

SES staff can assist employers in assuring safe workplaces by performing industrial hygiene evaluations, which may include review of workplace practices, ventilation studies and personnel monitoring.

SES staff routinely perform investigations to determine causes of poor indoor air quality and make recommendations on how to alleviate problems.  Typical parameters monitored include temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.  Workplace evaluations may also include sampling for human and commensal bacteria, thermophilic bacteria, fungi, and chemical compounds which may be indicative of an indoor air quality problem.


Occupational Noise Monitoring

Baseline Noise Surveys

Roadway Corridor Studies

Industrial Noise Evaluations

Residential Noise Evaluations

Impact Assessment

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