Welcome and thank you for considering Southern Environmental Sciences, Inc. for your air quality services.  We have been providing quality services since 1981 to our community and many other returning clients.  The air quality services that SES provides include air permitting, emissions testing and evaluation, industrial hygiene, and noise monitoring.

SES is a licensed engineering firm that offers professional services for air permitting.  Our clients benefit from having SES work together with them to accomplish both pre-construction and post-construction permitting and compliance testing needs. SES utilizes current EPA approved dispersion models for predicting present and future air quality levels from exisiting and proposed sources.  Our experience with emissions testing enables the permit application process to anticipate the most economical means for compliance testing.

The experience and dedication of our staff to quality has earned SES the reputation as a leader in source sampling and evaluation.  Sampling teams perform hundreds of emissions tests annually through the use of mobile sampling laboratories. All source testing is performed under the direction of our Qualified Source Testing Individual (QSTI).

SES staff can assist employers in assuring safe workplaces by performing industrial hygiene evaluations, which may include review of workplace practices, ventilation studies, and personnel monitoring.  SES staff routinely perform investigations to determine causes of poor indoor air quality and make recommendations on how to alleviate problems. 

SES staff frequently perform workplace noise monitoring and baseline highway noise surveys.  Noise intrusion surveys are conducted in residential and commercial areas.  Our staff can determine the magnitude of the sound levels causing problems and assist in finding solutions to reduce or attenuate the intrusive noise.  Our noise specialist is a full member of the Institute of Noise Control Engineering. 

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